Weekly program summer


Hut-hopping on the Speikboden

Comfortable panoramic hiking from alpine hut to alpine hut, accompanied by knowledgeable hiking guides (easy) (08/06-13/10).


To bring: Hiking gear, weather gear, possibly walking sticks, provisions.

Meeting place: Monday, 9.00 am - valley station Speikboden

additional charge: € 15, mountain & valley Speikboden




Family-MTB-Tour “BikeCastleRope”

An unforgettable adventure with a high fun factor for family & co.: easy MTB tour to the mighty Taufers Castle and abseiling with trained outdoor trainers


Surcharge: Bike

To bring: Sportswear, provisions

Meeting place: Tuesday, 10.00 am - Kreaktiv BaseCamp Sand in Taufers




Stick and stone panorama at the Speikboden

MTB-Tour: Pedal trip of the bumpy kind, panoramic unparalleled! Altitude destroyer: That's the thing! Medium difficulty tour (08/06-13/10)


Surcharge: Bike

To bring: Your own MTB, helmet, sportswear, cycling gloves, weather protection, water bottle

Requirement: Fitness

Meeting place: Wednesday, 10.00 am, Kreaktiv Basecamp Sand in Taufers




Herb hike in the countryside


Herbs against all the ailments of the world: Mario likes to explain them and tells anecdotes about them during a pleasant walk (easy).


What to bring: good shoes, weather protection, provisions

Meeting place: Wednesday, 14.30 hrs - Kematen Brugghof




Forests, meadows and farms


Into the mountain village "Fochina" (Ahornach) ... through yellow-green meadows, through coniferous forest, past ancient mountain farms.


Requirement: sure-footedness

To bring: hiking clothes, weather protection, hiking sticks, provisions

Meeting place: Thursday, 10.00 am, church Ahornach




Power of the water


Day trip with ex-forester Georg: past mills, waterfalls and through gorges ... in Mühlwald, the valley of water!

"The power of water" is the motto for four themed trails that await nature-loving and knowledge-hungry hikers in Mühlwald Valley. Starting from Innermühlwald, we first enter the world of the mills, to which the valley owes its name, and will encounter the dangers of untamed water power in an illustrative way. On the valley path we finally reach the wild and romantic Lappacher Klamm, a demanding but completely secured path with waterfalls and wonderful natural spectacles.


What to bring: hiking equipment, provisions

Meeting point: Friday, 08.20 hrs - Sand in Taufers bus station




Motorized Mountain Biking


Biking with a gentle push: into the valley, along the foaming waters of the Ahr. Uphill to the snack station in airy heights. With insights and views, with a healthy and hearty alpine snack, with lush mountain slopes full of flowers. (Also for juniors from 10)


Surcharge: Bike

What to bring: suitable bike clothing, possibly change clothes, weather protection, provisions

Meeting place: Saturday, 10.00 am Kreaktiv BaseCamp Sand in Taufers